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Practice Management Part II (LCIFGA008)

1.0 Practice Management (#7776) FP Canada
1.0 Life, 1.0 A&S (#55282) Alberta Insurance Council
1.0 Life and/or A&S (#36288) Insurance Council of Manitoba

Practice Management Part II is a multi-part mini-series on how financial professionals can grow and manage a successful business. From personal to professional development, strategic philanthropy, pricing models and work-life balance, Practice Management focuses on you, the Advisor and overcoming the challenges and obstacles standing between you and success. The course concludes with a final test. A passing grade of at least 60% is required.

This CE activity has been approved by FP Canada as meeting the minimum requirements for CE Approval as outlined within the FP Canada Continuing Education Guidelines. The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the presenter / content author and do not necessarily reflect the views of FP Canada.

CE Credits: 1.0 Accreditation Number: 7776 CE Credit Type: Professional Development

  • No ‘one-size-fits-all’ when switching a financial advisory practice to fees
  • A competitive advantage for financial professionals
  • How to take care of business during your overseas vacation
  • Five ways to handle a short-term absence from your practice
  • What do investors really value from their advisors?
  • Six ways to build a niche business
  • ‘One-stop shop’ approach continues to gather steam in financial advice industry
  • What happens when a valued member of your team leaves?
  • Why advisors should be considering their business emergency preparedness
  • Can we get your feedback?
  • Globe Advisor Survey
  • Final Quiz
  • Final Quiz (Globe Advisor) Practice Management Part II
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever