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Client Management (LCIFGA001)

1.0 IIROC: Professional Development
1.0 MFDA: Professional Development (11742)
1.0 Alberta Accreditation Committee: 1.0 Life (55275)
1.0 Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario: Life
1.0 Insurance Council of British Columbia: Life
1.0 Insurance Council of Manitoba: 1.0 Life (36254)
1.0 Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan: Life
1.0 CPA: 1.0 Verifiable CPD
1.0 CFA: 1.0 Professional Learning
1.0 FP Canada: Practice Management (11742)
1.0 Advocis: Structured Learning

At the heart of every financial professional’s practice is the client. How you manage the client and the client’s expectations underscores the success of a professional’s career. In this 9-part mini-series we explore helpful insights to help professionals better manage their clients.

The course concludes with a final test. A passing grade of at least 60% is required.

Important to note:
The accreditations with accompanying ID numbers have been approved and issued by the regulatory organization. The accreditations without ID numbers are additional regulatory organization's continuing education (CE) credit(s) that Learnedly believes the course satisfies.

This CE activity has been approved by FP Canada as meeting the minimum requirements for CE
Approval as outlined within the FP Canada Continuing Education Guidelines. The views and opinions
expressed in this presentation are those of the presenter / content author and do not necessarily reflect
the views of FP Canada.

CE Credits: 1.0 CE Credit Type: Professional Development

  • Bringing clients’ children on board is not without challenges
  • For investors, too much information can be a dangerous thing
  • Ending relationships with clients must be done with tact
  • How advisors can lead successful family meetings
  • How parents can help their children financially – without hurting themselves
  • How ‘asset rich, cash poor’ investors can manage this crisis
  • Trust is crucial in helping investors overcome fear of advisors
  • Get ahead of clients’ scary year-end statements
  • ‘Engagement’ is necessary for advisors to maintain client loyalty
  • Can we get your feedback?
  • Globe Advisor Survey
  • Final Quiz
  • Client Management (Globe Advisor) Final Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever