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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) (LCIFGA0011)

1.0 IIROC: Professional Development
1.0 MFDA: Professional Development (8054)
1.0 Alberta Accreditation Committee: 1.0 Life (55745)
1.0 Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario: Life
1.0 Insurance Council of British Columbia: Life
1.0 Insurance Council of Manitoba: 1.0 Life (36264)
1.0 Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan: Life
1.0 CPA: 1.0 Verifiable CPD
1.0 CFA: 1.0 Professional Learning
1.0 FP Canada: Financial Planning (8054)
1.0 Advocis: Structured Learning

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) continue to grow as a core investment solution for Canadian investors. Easy accessibility, low cost and diversification have been key drivers of success for the exchange traded fund. In this series, we explore the world of ETFs, including the many advantages and even the disadvantages, including the obstacles preventing some advisors offering ETFs to clients.

The course concludes with a final test. A passing grade of at least 60% is required.

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CE Credits: 1.0 CE Credit Type: Professional Development

  • How advisors can differentiate themselves among ETF investors
  • How ETFs have reshaped the financial services business
  • Hurdles remain for mutual fund-licensed advisors who want to sell ETFs
  • In a down market, ETFs can offer buying opportunities
  • Multifactor ETFs target growth with reduced volatility
  • Future-proof a portfolio with market-weighted ETFs
  • ETFs in a mutual fund wrapper have broad appeal
  • What to do when an ETF goes belly up
  • Growth in ‘smart beta’ ETFs appears to be slowing
  • Corporate-class funds are back in the spotlight
  • Why covered-call ETFs may be a great fit for income-seeking investors
  • Can we get your feedback?
  • Globe Advisor Survey
  • Final Quiz
  • Final Quiz - ETF
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever