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Tax Planning: Part I (LCIFGA015)

1.0 IIROC: Professional Development
1.0 MFDA: Professional Development (8669)
1.0 Alberta Accreditation Committee: 1.0 Life (56593)
1.0 Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario: Life or A&S
1.0 Insurance Council of British Columbia: Life or A&S
1.0 Insurance Council of Manitoba: 1.0 Life or A&S (36297)
1.0 Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan: Life or A&S
1.0 CPA: 1.0 Verifiable CPD
1.0 CFA: 1.0 Professional Learning
1.0 FP Canada: Financial Planning (8669)
1.0 Advocis: Structured Learning

In this 10 part series, we explore key topics in tax planning. The course covers various useful topics such as insurance as a tax hedging strategy, possible tax hikes and various tax saving strategies. Financial professionals play a key role in helping their clients manage their tax bill.

The course concludes with a final test. A passing grade of at least 60% is required.

Important to note:
The accreditations with accompanying ID numbers have been approved and issued by the regulatory organization. The accreditations without ID numbers are additional regulatory organization's continuing education (CE) credit(s) that Learnedly believes the course satisfies.

This CE activity has been approved by FP Canada as meeting the minimum requirements for CE
Approval as outlined within the FP Canada Continuing Education Guidelines. The views and opinions
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the views of FP Canada.

CE Credits: 1.0 CE Credit Type: Professional Development

  • Advisors need to be aware of risks when making homeoffice-related tax deductions
  • Advisors prepare clients for anticipated tax hikes
  • A lifetime tax strategy starts with reinvesting RRSP refunds
  • Make a difference during tax-filing season
  • Using life insurance as a tax-hedging strategy
  • Five tax strategies to improve investors' financial well-being
  • When is a TFSA a better option than an RRSP?
  • Why shifting the assets from tax-loss selling into a TFSA or RRSP makes sense
  • Globe Advisor's Best of 2019: Top 10 stories on TFSAs and RRSPs
  • Tax ramifications for U.S. persons living, investing in Canada could be dire
  • Feedback
  • Globe Advisor Survey
  • Final Quiz
  • Final Quiz (Globe Advisor) Tax Planning: Part I
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever